December 12, 2022


Lighting can sometimes be overlooked in any place. However, lighting place a huge role when it comes to decorating and it is not just for design. It affects the mood of its observer. It is very important to give lighting designs a thought whenever we use them depending on our intentions and expected effect.

Caleb Dela Cruz is a light designer and director. He was an assistant to his father who worked for a light and sounds. That is when he was exposed to different light designs, technicalities, and the ins and outs of the business. When he went to college, he took up engineering and enhanced the skills that he later used to develop his light design business.

He wants everyone to understand how light affects our mood and how a simple household can take advantage of this knowledge. This website serves as a platform for him to share articles about how to follow simple light designs that everyone can do at their own house.

Caleb will surprise us with his genius ways to use the psychology of lighting that will improve your mood, excitement, and emotions.