Bay Windows – Are They Right For Your Home?

Bay Windows – Are They Right For Your Home?

Have you thought about making some recent additions to your home? New windows can completely transform a room, and if they’re energy-efficient, save you some money on your monthly bills, too. Many replacement window companies can install new windows in your home year round, and with winter quickly approaching, now is as good as any other time in the year to consider replacing your windows.

One popular choice for living rooms, family rooms, and main parlors is a bay window. Replacement bay windows can be installed in place of an old bay window, or added to a room as a very small addition, of sorts. Generally speaking, its best to install them in places that already have a large window opening. Many replacement window companies will have a wide selection of bay windows, with lots of different accoutrements and choices for color and hardware to customize your window to match your existing architecture. The best window replacement companies offer custom-built bay windows to ensure a perfect fit in your home.

So why choose a bay window? Read on to find out why bay windows might be the perfect fit for your next home upgrade.

More Living Space

Bay windows make a room feel much bigger! They add extra space to a room that not only expands your viewing angle, but makes for a more open environment in the room itself. Bay windows often have seating built in for a cozy nook along the window, or storage to hide the kids toys or display glassware, lamps, pictures, and more.

Let There Be Light

Bay windows are large by design, and all this extra glass in the room allows for a lot more natural light! Natural lighting brightens up any room and can be completely transformative. Natural lights lets true colors of fabrics shine and look much more appealing than they do with indoor lighting. It also means you’ll rely less on indoor lighting, saving you money on your electricity bill. Natural lighting even has a positive effect on your mental health. People that are exposed to natural light more often are more alert, sleep better, and more productive.

It’s All About Curb Appeal

Bay windows will dramatically improve the exterior aesthetic of your home. Your front facing façade will get a major upgrade with your new large window that protrudes from the rest of the wall. Your home will not only get an upgrade that you can be proud of (and maybe make the neighbors jealous!), but it may increase the valuation of your home overall. It’s a big change, but you can’t really go wrong here. Talk to a replacement window company in your area about your options, see what kind of customizations they provide, and start making your dream home a reality! Curious about the  cost of replacement windows? Most companies will be more than happy to provide you a quote. The companies that will go the extra mile and offer a free in-home consultation are the ones you should really, look into though.